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==This Weekend==

Friday is the office do so I'll be doing that then. May head off somewhere more palatable after a suitable amount of time.

Despite my best efforts life has conspired to prevent me from organising a big party this year. Though topping either my 29th or the combined 30th would take some doing so it might be best to leave them there.

So instead Saturday 4th I'm planning on getting to Cambridge for sometime around 7pm and heading to the Devonshire Arms where I will imbibe beer until it is time to go to The Calling. If anyone would like to join me for either one, the other or both I'd love to see you. Also if anyone can provide crash space that would be awesome.

===Next weekend==

Friday the 10th is my Acutal Birthday, like. There are plans for a meal followed by going to the Icebar (we booked and its now full sadly) and beer and/or clubbing afterward. I can probably put one or two people up in the livingroom but thats about it.

Saturday 11th anyone who would like to is invited to join me for birthday food and drinks at The Revolution Bar in Cambridge, hopefully with <lj user="devalmont">, <lj user="robinbloke"> and Rim WNLJ. Booking a table would be best so let me know if you want to come. 

Anyway, let me know!
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