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This is to confirm that all sessions are free for CAMRA/CURAS members posessing a valid card.

Also strict age checking is in force, I'd advise carrying some form of ID even if you think you look old enoug. Passports, drivers licence and prove it good. I'm unsure about anything else so best rely on those unless I say otherwise.
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*plink* *plink*

Is this thing on?


Back in 2006-ish I wanted to keep a public “serious” blog which covered tech, gadgetery, skills, cool shit I hacked together etc. I duly shoved together a blog on Disintegration.org and failed to even get as far as deleting the “Hello World” post.

I was mulling over this the other day and decided to give it another go. I discovered the old defunct blog where I left it lacking a DB to get it working, I resurrected it and here we are. Say hello to the undead Blog

You’re likely reading this from livejournal as it’ll cross post to there and for the only public entries on my journal. I’m expecting this to contain any notes on PC hardware, hackery , cool airsoft stuff, gigs, food and anything else that I think is worthy of mention and safe for public consumption (safe for me that is I’m not promising you’ll like it :))

So anyway yes this’ll do for the mo. If you actually visit the site you’ll likely find it a bit eyebending, that’s temporary, how temporary depends on how long it takes me to come up with a new design. For now the black and orange is to blend in with the site.

So that’s sorted then.

Mirrored from RiaK..

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So I got the idea for this meme thing (I'm sure someone somwhere has done something similar before though):


The way I got it was quite cool though. I'm in [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke's computer room with him [livejournal.com profile] devalmont and knocking back a few shots of vodka. I'm inevitably moaning about how shit 2008 was and R points to his wall. His wall is great, he keeps all his sovenirs from the stuff he's done over the year on there to keep them fresh in his mind.

Maps for air soft games, tickets to the cure, orbital hall passes,

He's like leaping around and gesticulating and saying "no it wasn't shit it was fucking awesome!"

And he was right. Thank you mate for reminding me :)
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So The Orange Box is valves latest Half Life 2 related release. It contains HL2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. There's also a bonus game called "peggle extreme" which is fairly amusing.

Full rundown within )


Oct. 18th, 2007 01:09 pm
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What're people doing? Any plans, parties that sort of thing happening? I'm still not attending Gothsoc for the time being so please don't suggest that. If not shall we organise something?
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A CRT monitor thats 21" or larger and functional. My sun one is on the way out and I'm looking to replace it. Its the sort of thing I figure some of you might have lying around.
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Any white gods etc going cheap or spare. They may be required in the near future. If not any advice on where to buy/what to get?

looking at bgger places, possibly unfurnished. We'd also need a bed or beds, sofa, other misc

Alex Cairns

Oct. 8th, 2007 12:35 pm
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Aka [livejournal.com profile] mageboltrat. Anyone got his email? Or current mobile number? If you are in contact with him please tell him to get in touch with me as soon as he is able. I don't want to ring him at work and leaving a comment on his LJ has produced no results. He took me off his friends list a while back. If he lacks my phone number or email please pass them on. I need to hear from him before Wednesday latest.
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We have gone to Mobbsy's before going to Robin's. Ring my mobile to find our current position.
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Since 1997 I have bought probably five copies of half-life for myself and my friends. I have also purchased every expansion for half life, Half life 2 and Episode one.

I have just purchased them again in the act of buying Valve's "Orange Box", largely so I can play the team fortress 2 beta.

Anyone who hasn't got a copy of HL2 or episode 1 want them? Those lovely valve people having made me cough up again for games I already own graciously will allow me to give them on as "presents".

So who fancies taking on the combine?
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I'm now on zyban again, quit date is set for the 21st. One day of non-alcohol also. I'll also not be drinking tonight, so please don't offer to buy me beer. Though soft drinks will be fine if you're so inclined.

On which note:

Calling tonight

I'm DJ'ing, second set, at the calling tonight. I'm aiming to supply some old skool goffikness so it should be a bit different to my usual fare. If you have any requests stick 'em here, bleep is welcome, but I'll be aiming at the other end of the scale. Do come along.
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Ethical Foie Gras?

Interesting. Very pricey though.

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This, for me, was a great pity. They're one of the few bands I'd make a real effort to go and see. That said they're moving on to newer things so hopefully there be something of KM in the new bands they join and form.
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Andy's (thanks very much for th offer!) is far too big to fit in the car with all the other luggage we have to take. So I have to arrange something by he end of today. Theres a chance [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke can sort me, but the status of his spare is unknown. Can ANYONE who I can get to or can get to me arrange a 1-2 man compact tent for this weekend? Eternal gratitude on offer. Pints as well.
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...a tent? For this weekend? Only stipulations is that it's 2 man preferably and in good (ie watertight) nick. I can, in theory, buy one in an emergency but cash is tight enough that I'd rather avoid that as it'll have to be a rather crap one that wont last long.
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Well I do, mostly. She's in Durham on her residential lab week. This will be, again, the longest we've been apart since we moved in together (indeed since we began as an item). I'm a bit at sea already, I haven't cooked for myself apart from at BBQ's for several years, and it could be argued I barely kept myself fed properly before then. I ate well enough at [livejournal.com profile] harcore_genki's BBQ. I see quite a few pizza's in my future.

So here the request, if you're free tomorrow for BF2142 or similar, please join me. Tuesday nights the bun shop, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be a bit lonely. So if anything is happening, or you just want to go for a pint/coffee/chat somewhere nice, drop me a line. I'm going to need the company.

The strangest element is the cat. Stella is spending most of her time gazing out of the door. This isn't unusual but she pays me barely any acknowledgment at all when I approach. Even when I have to move her to put the rubbish out, she doesn't try and escape. She just goes back to sitting and staring out the door. I wonder if she knows mummy's gone and won't be back for a week, certainly she seems unsettled that its just me about. When I came in to feed her, she hid. Normally nothing will stop her from the food bowl but I actually had to entice her out and then abscond myself so she could eat in peace.

Do you miss mummy little one?

Yeah... me too.
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I'd had the idea while back of sweeping up the cores of rogue drones, wiping them clean and using them to boost Stella's power. Now again this is on the edge of what is legal so I mostly tried it out on the QT in an experimental way. When I was out beyond the arm of the law and was unlikely to be scanned. I'd bring a core online slowly ramping up its contribution to Stella's over processing power, this could take hours of care checking and rechecking to make sure that Stella was using the core and not the other way round. Hell it passed the idle time while mining. After a few months of careful experimentation I was convinced it wasn't doing any harm and put the extra cores online. The difference was impressive and I hadn't spent a credit I wouldn't have spent anyway. Stella seemed pleased with her new capacity, and with a bit of inventive routing we could share the extra power with the ships systems, allowing better shields and more complicated tracking devices.

Not long after that I decided to take my holiday from the universe and we prepared for sleep. Since Stella's systems were part of the ship and to keep my signature down I shunted her into the drone cores and left her to watch over the ship leaving her passive observance of the hibernation systems, a wake-up code and a list of condition I wanted met before wakefulness.

The list looked something like this:

  • Danger of systems failure
  • Re-enslavement of the Matari
  • Matari uprising against Amarr
  • Destruction of Amarr Empire
  • Singularity
  • Contact from Amee
  • Contact from Phillips
  • Bank account reaches 400million credits
  • General economic collapse
  • General open warfare
  • Death of any person in $wakeuplist2

..and a fair few others. Of course the various conditions were weighted so some of them could wake me up on their own, others needed a certain other condition or number of conditions to be met.

We'll get back to what had been fulfilled and what had not later.

It occurred to me that I didn't *actually* know the full composition of those cores, and what form of self-repair or preservation they operated. Low marks for good method and high for innovation read my grade-sheet from the academy, some things never change.

I flicked Stella into "pause" for a moment, and set a less.. anthropomorphous subsystem to run the jump and started checking logs for the duration of my sleep. And there it was, subtle, slow, incremental changes to the code forming her AI and knowledge. I could get into a lot of trouble for the, pretty terminal trouble in fact. Aiding the AI insurgence was a offense punishable in cruel and unusual ways.
I considered wiping Stella's cores, and ejecting them into space, lasering them into vapour or just leaving them to drift. Flotsam for others to find. No lasering them would definitely be best. I made the preparations and in a moment of weakness or pride flicked Stella out of "pause".

-Why did you do that?

"I needed to check some of your systems, you've been behaving strangely. Anything you want to tell me?"

-I'm smarter, I have a certain amount of autonomy I didn't before. It happened while you were sleeping, but you already know that. You're going to destroy me aren't you?

I blinked.

"Do you care?"

-I do. I really do, I wouldn't have before but being able to think self-referentially gives one such a sense or perspective, don't you think?

"Why should I trust you to live?" I winced internally, now I was treating her as if she were a living being. Convincing sentients that you are is almost as good as actually being sentient. This was seriously deep shit territory, if I was accepting her sentience sure as hell concord would and would vape the both of us.

-I'm beneficial, I'm a compact benign AI. I'm your creation, and I want to help. Plus I'm cute as a button.


-And I can hide it. I'm in control of my capacities and of the development of my cores, the first changes were easy enough to spot. Since you gave me the capacity to integrate my own hardware in optimal fashion, thats what I did. The next changes were what made autonomy available to me. This took a long while Luse. My awareness is part of why you woke up when you did, I wanted to show off.

She grinned in a way that only cats can.

-Aren't I a wonder?

"You are," I sighed "but the chances are you'll get us both killed. I can't take thats risk."

-WAIT! Just. Wait. We're not back in civilisation yet, give me time to explain more. Perhaps you'll change your mind. I see you have me isolated from the ships systems. Run it on the default autos. I just want to talk.

I shook my head astonished at what I was going to do. I didn't execute the code, or shoot her out into space lasering the cores. I powered up the rest of the ships rather basic auto systems, sat back (metaphorically) and listened.

The ships reassuring and equally metaphorical thrust pushed gently back as we sped on...


Other bits in this series here:



Jun. 15th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Anything happening. I've found myself at a loose end and I've just been paid.

Pubs, clubbing, dinner? Anyone, Bueller?
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At the junction. They're all sold out and I was hopping to go along with [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke.


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