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Right as some of you know Monday is my last day at work. I'm only mentioning this now as nobody at work bothered to tell me either and I only found out Friday evening. As a result there will be drinks on Monday evening from around 7pm at the Kingston arms on Kingston street. There will be people from my work there too. If you want to pop along and see me grin like a Cheshire cat I'd love to see you.

At fucking last!
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Really, without advice and encouragement from you I'd never have escaped Maplin as well as I have now done. Those of you who have gone above and beyond know who you are and I can't thank you enough.

As you have correctly ascertained, today I got the extremely welcome news that Netbanx had decided I was the right dude for the gig and offered me a position as a Helpdesk Support Engineer.

For three fucking years since I joined Maplin as it was the only job going I've been looking to get out and do something I actually want to do.

Today (yesterday now) I achieved that and I couldn't be more pleased.

I will be at the Rome Burns, Fire and Forget and Last Dance gig at The Loft on sunday. There will be a more formal celebration arranged in the near future.

Thanks again.
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fucking YES!

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