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Plan mostly klepped from this source: http://www.crunchbanglinux.org/wiki/downloads#alternative_installation. This is just to flesh out the undertaking on the NC4200 laptop. (It turns out TC4200’s aren’t much more expensive when obtained from the states. I’d rather have had one of those, ah well).

NOTE: this *should* work for just about any laptop that boots off USB. The below deals with some of the vagaries of wifi as applied to the NC4200’s wifi chip, discounting that this should be a fairly universal guide.

Anyway. Download Unetbootin run and select the ubuntu x86 NETINSTALL and let it do the work. Once the usb drive has been set up you should be able to simply plug it into the NC4200 and boot it up, if it doesn’t load from the drive go into the bios (F10 on the HP splash screen) and reconfigure the boot order (advanced->boot options) to have USB hard Drive first.

Once you’ve got to the curses based installer its pretty straightforward to follow the steps to get you installed. If you want to keep your old OS (assuming you have one) make sure you select guided partitioning and then the resize option. The installer will also attempt to connect to your network, it will detect the NC4200 wired and wireless interfaces though the wireless interface only seems to work at all well if your network is unencrypted, it purports to support WEP but I’ve not got it to connect under any encryption. If you can hook up via a wire I’d recommend that to avoid pulling your hair out (especially later). In any case once your all connected the installer should happily download and install a minimal ubuntu set up, ask you if you want install any more packages (select nothing and just continue) ask you to remove the usb drive and reboot.

This will bring you to your login screen. Login. If you’re using wireless see the below if not skip to the next section:

For Wireless:

$ sudo iwlist scan # this will get your local wifi networks it will also give you the interface of your card
$ sudo iwconfig eth0 essid “$network” # replace eth0 with your interface if it is different and “$network” with the ssid of yours
$ sudo dhclient # this wil grab an IP address from your routers DHCP client frankly this only worked once or twice for me and I found that I had to re-run dhclient every few minutes otherwise the downloads would just stop. However in a pinch this will make it eventually.

For wired:

$ dhclient


$ wget http://crunchbanglinux.org/build-scripts/crunchbang-installer-9.04.01.sh
$ sudo chmod g+x crunchbang-installer-9.04.01.sh
$ sudo ./crunchbang-installer-9.04.01.sh

And off you go! The installer will ask if you want the standard or lite version and then for a few “yes”’s from you and then start sucking down the repositories. Depending on you connection th will take from 15mins to a few hours (56K fans!) but eventually you’ll be there. The installer will wish you good luck,k reboot the machine and with any luck the sparse and functional interface of #! should be staring back at you, enjoy.

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