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Those of you who have been in contact with me recently will probably be aware of this but now the fundraising begins in ernest. Please read on to find out what I, my Father and Brothers and some friends from my home village are doing this year for charity.


There is a statement on the above page as to why the group are under taking this but I'd like to add my own perspective.

In May of 2010 I received one of those phone calls. The ones that start with "I've got some bad news..." My father had been taken to hospital with heart problems. There was little I could do, a good friend drove me over to see him as soon as we could go and I was reassured that all would be well. Thanks to the excellent care of the NHS all was well and after some time Dad was quite literally back on his bike.

Far less happily in 2010 my Uncle lost his battle with bowl cancer. It was a blow for me but devastating for his wife, siblings and children. That year I had taken up participating in Movember, and I promised myself I would do more.

The opportunity has arrived. When asked to do this by my father I leapt at the idea. Ironically I was about as unhealthy as I had ever been but if there was anything that would encourage me to address that it would be this.

I've now been in training since early Jan and though I'm noticeably fitter I've a long way to go. In 9 weeks I will be attempting to keep up with a crew of far more experienced cyclists. Since living in London I've not been cycling so I have to build my road confidence again as well. It's a big goal for me and one I hope I'm equal to.

So there are a few things I need to do:

I need to train more
I need to quit smoking
I need to get on the road

All of these are being addressed, but support and advice are always welcome.

So though it really began in a pub in Tewin when Dad asked my brothers and I if we wanted to participate the fundraising is now on and in many ways, it begins here.

I'll be updating this and some other blogs with my progress on getting ready and with luck on a successful ride. Please consider donating.

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