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Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm an avid gamer and I regularly play Battlefield 2. This is not the only game I play, I enjoy a great varity of first person shooters and tactical combat games, also RPGs, flight simulators and turn-based strategy games. Examples include: Jagged Alliance 2, , Starcraft, Dungeon Seige and Half Life 2

I also enjoy various board games and the myrid games offered by the ownership of a full set of Icehouse Pieces.

I have written board game reviews for the Cambridge City Explorer (no link availible) the transcripts of which are availible here, I'm working on getting the associated images and recreating the coloumns, but for now it's just the text.

I administrate the Pandemonium mailing list whose membership is growing steadily. It offers a forum for gamers within the goth community to discuss games, arrange events and generally get to know one another. Future plans for the site involve; a reviews section, a members area and submission options, most likely done with PostNuke or WebGui.

From time to time I make attempts at writing short (and long) fiction, quite a few of the results can be found on my livejournal which you can find here. Check the "memories" section. I also have an on-going novel (currently not actually "going") details of which can be found on the eclipse page.

I have not and never will be addicted to EverQuest. However I did have a close brush with Planetside and it may get me yet.

Graham can be contacted at the email address listed on his CV.

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Taking fire! Need assistance!
Grim: *boomchak* *boomchak*
Enemy down. Roger that.

A riddle wrapped up in satin.

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