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Well I do, mostly. She's in Durham on her residential lab week. This will be, again, the longest we've been apart since we moved in together (indeed since we began as an item). I'm a bit at sea already, I haven't cooked for myself apart from at BBQ's for several years, and it could be argued I barely kept myself fed properly before then. I ate well enough at [livejournal.com profile] harcore_genki's BBQ. I see quite a few pizza's in my future.

So here the request, if you're free tomorrow for BF2142 or similar, please join me. Tuesday nights the bun shop, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be a bit lonely. So if anything is happening, or you just want to go for a pint/coffee/chat somewhere nice, drop me a line. I'm going to need the company.

The strangest element is the cat. Stella is spending most of her time gazing out of the door. This isn't unusual but she pays me barely any acknowledgment at all when I approach. Even when I have to move her to put the rubbish out, she doesn't try and escape. She just goes back to sitting and staring out the door. I wonder if she knows mummy's gone and won't be back for a week, certainly she seems unsettled that its just me about. When I came in to feed her, she hid. Normally nothing will stop her from the food bowl but I actually had to entice her out and then abscond myself so she could eat in peace.

Do you miss mummy little one?

Yeah... me too.

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