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The proposed musings on recovery haven't yet emerged (though I have four or five drafts, nothing has yet coalesced as I'd like) so here's a more general update.

So it's one day from 6 months since I started recovery. What's been happening?

I've finally wound up my business with the treatment centre and am just waiting on them to refund whatever is left of the fees. I've made two or three close friends from my experiences with them and some good contacts for ongoing support.

In work terms I've done some contracting work remotely but to pay the bills I've accepted a position at Dyson who so far have been both demanding and accommodating in the right ways.

This necessitated a few changes. For instance getting up before 11am is now A Thing. I've been enjoying keeping my own schedule for the last couple of months but I suppose I should start living on normal time at some point.

The South West's transport links are not what I'm used to and, frankly non-existent in many useful ways. Witness: Quicker and cheaper to get to Gatwick/Heathrow than Bristol Airport, a trip on public transport 13 miles south to Malmsbury necessitates a 30 mile trip to Swindon and a 20 mile one back on two buses, total travel time: 2.5 hours. Not really workable. So I'm driving a scooter to work which is fun and looking at a full driving licence and a car maybe in the future. We'll see. For this winter I'll be trying out liftsharing as already I've had too many wet and windy rides home on national speed limit roads.

I've settled into Stroud relatively well. The flat is no longer entirely covered in boxes. I have a sofa, a fridge, a bed, a office/mancave/what have you, hot and cold running internet and a job. I've been airsofting, off on long walks and rides and spending time with friends both from around here and people who have visited. I'm beginning to meet the more local locals and feel more at home. It's become the place I want to be rather than an escape from London, a distance from old things or something I *should* do. I'm here because I want to be here and that's OK.

I've been down to London quite a lot, to get moved, to continue my Atlassian User Group stuff but not much for leisure apart from one visit to have a lovely High Tea with SL and chums. But this evening I'm heading down to see Nick Cave and the a Bad Seeds with SL and tomorrow to catch up with relatives who I love. A good marker I think.

It also turns out various people I know more or less well from different parts of my past life also live out this way, I'm looking forward to catching up with them.

I screwed up the courage to contact my boss at HSBC and apologise for what happened. The reply was unexpected and wholly uplifting.

Monday I'll pick up my keyring from NA and as I promised myself have a good long think about how the future is shaped and where my next milestone will be. So far it's going extremely well if not without some painful, things, emotions and life-admin related issues, as my recovery worker is fond of saying "it's about what can be added." Indeed adding after so much subtraction does seem to be the way to go.

Let there always be never-ending light.

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